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Personal Fitness Trainer Career Prep
Price: $3,525.00
The fitness industry is booming, and there is a growing need for certified personal fitness trainers. Personal fitness trainers work with individuals to help them develop the skills necessary to successfully engage in physical activity. The specific role of the personal fitness trainer will depend on the needs and abilities of each client, but regardless, the personal fitness trainer will play a vital role in the physical health of each client. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of personal fitness training. Through a variety of practical and theoretical applications, the student will learn how to assess each client and develop programming that incorporates different fitness methods, with the goal of providing the client with a comprehensive approach to fitness. Upon completion of this course, the student will be prepared to sit for the ACSM Personal Trainer certification exam, and will also be able to begin working with clients immediately.. Click here for the full description of Personal Fitness Trainer Career Prep

Pharmacy Technician Career Prep
Price: $2,495.00
This course will provide you with the necessary skills to become a pharmacy tech in a hospital or retail setting. The lessons in this course will provide a comprehensive overview of the complexities of community and institutional pharmacies through the course readings and supplemental textbook lab activities. You will learn the fundamentals of the pharmacy, as well as the role of a pharmacy technician. You will learn how to process a prescription, create non-sterile compounds, and ensure proper medication safety and management. Upon completion of this course, you will gain the skills and knowledge to qualify for entry level positions in pharmacies, and you'll be prepared for national certification.. Click here for the full description of Pharmacy Technician Career Prep


Substance Abuse Counseling Career Prep
Price: $3,425.00
Substance Abuse counseling is a growing field that requires specialized knowledge in the areas of substance abuse and counseling theories. This course will provide an introductory foundation to all aspects of drug and alcohol counseling. Students will receive a comprehensive overview of the different substances and the etiology of substance abuse. In addition, students will learn about assessment and diagnosis, treatment settings and strategies, sobriety and relapse prevention, and general substance abuse prevention education and strategies. This course will also examine issues related to working with special populations and diverse cultures. Using a variety of instructional activities, this course will help prepare students to work with individuals and families in need of substance abuse treatment and counseling. This course will provide an initial educational foundation for students preparing to take state licensing or certification exams. However, since the requirements for each state differ, students will have to conduct their own research to determine state-specific certification requirements. Depending on the state requirements, the student may need to complete additional coursework or additional licensing requirements (e.g. externship or other work experience) beyond the completion of this course.. Full description of Substance Abuse Counseling Career Prep

Veterinary Assistant Career Prep
Price: $1,425.00
In this course, you will discuss and become proficient in the skills, terminology, and procedures necessary to assist in a veterinary office.. Full description of Veterinary Assistant Career Prep